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Dixon Park Beach

Mar 7

About Dixon Park Beach

The most popular beach in Newcastle is Bar-Dixon Park, which has three surf lifesaving clubs and a length of 1.3 km long exposed southeast facing shoreline that hosts waves year-round. The middle section borders Memorial Drive then curves around Dixon park with two more buildings for patrol officers to keep an eye on things from their desks or perch atop cliffs overlooking the ocean below them. It's no secret what makes this spot so great - it offers everything from calm waters to perfect breakable sandstone rocks right up against rugged outcrops jutting into sea caves where you can find ancient artifacts dating back millions upon billions of years ago.

The Dixon Park beach is surrounded by long-established inner Newcastle suburbs and has good road access, with large car parks adjacent. It also contains two rock pools on the platform of rocks just offshore from where surfers flock every day during summer months to catch a wave or two before they're called back out again for their next break! This particular strand has been popular since 1911 when The 3rd Annual Championship Swimming Meet was held here; it's no wonder then why there have been so many shark attacks- usually resulting in death.

What To Do At Dixon Park Beach

The beach is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, but it's important to be aware of the dangers that exist here. The three surfing clubs often perform rescues each year because there are rip currents along with strong waves which can cause unfortunate accidents if you're not careful! Make sure your stay between flags or else risks getting caught by an ocean current as well-don't forget about those Ladies Reefs either - they produce good breaks up until 3 meters in height where Mark Richards made his name world champion four times over before retiring permanently from competitive swimming. Fishing is one of the many things to do in this area. There are permanent gutters that run out past rocks at each end, with usually several good spots along the beachfront where you can fish right away.

The perfect spot for a rest if you're walking along the popular Bather's Way, Dixon Park Beach offers lots of car parking and an added bonus: a children’s playground. With green space across from it as well as public shelters to keep beachgoers warm during winter months there are plenty of reasons why this park should be on your list. Watch surfers catch waves or dolphins swim in search mode just offshore while taking time out under the sun umbrella with friends - maybe even get some fresh sea breeze too? The opposite side has community events so make sure to check them both.


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